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What we Do!

What sets Design to the Nines apart from other Architectural Firms is that we believe a clients successful business & satisfaction is our success.  That’s why we Provide a full set of Services for New & Existing businesses.  As well as providing design services in Architecture/interiors, Web and Graphic design we often help with Online Marketing,  financing, business Proposal writing, and assistance in the pre and post Operational aspects of a business if so desired.

 “As architects, we don’t simply design structures. We envision better solutions for the surrounding  environment.  We look at the circumstances, objects and conditions that are all around and create spaces that are functional, well-thought and beautiful with nature in mind”


Planned Communities to live and work 

We Specialize in Hospitality Design

We have designed many restaurants in and around the Los Angeles Area as well as Ventura County and work with a special Restaurant Team at the Planning and Building & Safety Department of Los Angeles for a smooth and speedy Permitting/Planning Experience.   

Eco Smart (Snapz) Homes of the future!

Landscapes that enhance our surroundings & environment 

Web & Graphic Design 

We create branding solution to fit your needs.  We design logos, names, slogans, Websites, Social Media Sites, Google Analytics, & Multi Media guidance which all helps to build a clientele for a successful Business. 


We love to help start ups and businesses looking to Expand.  We can help you write up a Proforma and Business Plan and assist you in qualifying for Business & SBA Loans.