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What we can do for You

The era of “the industrial worker” is quickly fading. Laborers are left with several choices:

  1. Compete for jobs in an ever-expanding pool of service employees where, due to supply dramatically exceeding demand, hourly wages remain stagnant at best.
  2. Retrain at universities and technical colleges for new professional careers where educational costs demand huge up-front investments and, even then, positive outcomes remain uncertain or,
  3. Create their own businesses. It is this latter choice where CEO’z comes in to offer collaboration and sustenance.

CEOz is a Subsidiary company of Design to the Nines – an Architectural firm. The Principals are Laura Powell — Landscape and Interior Architectural Designer, Macro-Planner, Web and Graphic Artist — and Ted Powell — Architect, Micro-Planner, Writer, and 3-d Model Builder. Together, the CEOz partnership individuals make up a team that can take potential entrepreneurs down the uneven path that leads from an idea to business success.

So how does CEOz fit into this picture. Our company has the expertise to make your business venture a success.


So, How does CEO’z Fit into this Picture?

Specifically, this is the process:

Introduction —

you present us with a concept and we work to flesh it out into a solid business proposal. When a proposal concept has been agreed upon, we structure a written, legally binding contract so that the interests of all participatory parties are protected.

Research —

We research buying and manufacturing resources, clientele bases, competition elements, sustainable price-points, labor market, ideal locations, investor pools, loan sources, grant sources and professional support elements.

Business Plan —

We develop, from research, a solid business plan. We do capital cost projections, operating cost projections, income stream potentials, inventory projections, and cash-flow projections. We lay out a very specific business plan that is projected monthly over the first three years of operation. We show potential investor and lender pay-back terms. In short we create a detailed map for success.

Investor and Loan/Grant Attainment —

We present the business plan to — depending on specific circumstances — potential investors, loan houses (banks, SBA, etc.), government agencies, and financial brokers

Site Selection —

We look for suitable business locations and bargain for the best lease or purchase agreements.

Design —

We develop all of the design criteria and prepare construction plans and documents, graphic and signage concepts, business cards, pamphlets and brochures, and 3-d renderings and (pre-build) animated movies. We usher the plans through all governmental jurisdictions.

Build-Out —

We installations, utility connections, internet and telephone connections, business and other licenses attainment, remote video/audio hook-up, and final inspections.

Employee Hiring and Training —

We develop and produce employee manuals, place advertising criteria for hiring, and interview and train employees. Over time, we monitor their progress, working to develop their full potential.

Education —

We tutor owner/management through a series of development courses that broaden their scope vis-a-vis entrepreneurship, business ownership and good management practices.

Operations —

We assist in start-up operations, withdrawing our involvement only as the business matures and owners gain in skill, competence and governance capabilities.


We charge a set fee depending on the amount of time we need to spend on finalizing a loan or 15% of entire capitalization (sum total of investment capital, loans, and grants). Half is due upon signing an agreement and the rest when capitalization has been realized (investors found and LOI is presented. As well as a 15% fee, in some situations we also maintain a 15% perpetual shareholder capacity in the business venture.

CEOz Club

All business owners become automatic members in the CEOz Club (supported by an annual dues structure). The Club has monthly Webinar meetings enabling business owners to gain insight into the operation of other ventures, and share concerns and business problems. The Club is operated by an elected board and hires. Naturally, as the CEOz effort gains momentum, the Club will become a relevant force in dealing with loan houses, agencies, suppliers, and manufacturers — all to the benefit of members. Members are also welcome to join our soon to be online Social Network. This site provides a wealth of information and the opportunity to network with other members by participating in forums, groups, read and write blogs, and view pictures of other businesses etc.



The ground-rules formula for business success embraces several key factors:

Create more than one focus/positive income stream

— this enables a cross-pollination of sought-after clientele. Some examples with which we have had an input include an antique emporium conjoined with a high-end exotic bird store (Edmonton), a deli with a flower shop (Los Angeles), and a toy store mixed with children’s clothing (San Francisco). In creating more than one income focus, one can go too far and so while two is good, and three is fine, any more than three leads to disorientation and concept deterioration.

Always provide an entertainment aspect

This helps draw people into the store/business who might not otherwise be bothered to leave their home and the e-tail possibilities provided by the internet. In a high-end Ladies Boutique (Edmonton) we developed a sit-down area that had a fashion magazine area and video screens that played fashion shoots and runway models’ fashion shows, and, at the same time served champagne to store clientele. Patrons loved to meet friends here, shop for awhile and, in between shopping bouts, chat with one-another, see the latest styles and sip the bubbly.

Develop a strong internet presence with an interactive website that allows on-line sales

A well crafted web-site that is easy to surf can make buying on-line a pleasure. An added benefit accrues from the advertising presence for the brick-and-mortar store. As a clientele database is developed, an email address record is essential to keeping customers informed vis-a-vis sales, specials, events, etc.

Develop a kinetic design that is easily changed to keep interest peaked by a constant “new face” to the business

This helps overcome the ennui of returning to the “same old place” in the clients’ mind.

Develop a rigorous training program for employees and pay them well with both salary and benefits (health, dental, retirement plans, in-store discounts, etc.)

These are your ambassadors to the public — you want them to be upbeat, engaging, interested and interesting, and loyal.

Education is paramount to success

Business owners should always be upgrading their skills in marketing, client relations, accounting practices, legal concerns and employee relations. In a fast-moving, rapidly-changing world this is a never-ending process. Owners who are on top of their game stand to win.


We research buying and manufacturing resources, clientele bases, competition elements, sustainable price-points, labor market, ideal locations, investor pools, loan sources, grant sources and professional support elements.


Business Plan Development



Site Selection 

Perfect Design 


Build out