Rossdale Power Plant

Rossdale Power Plant & Riverwalk Proposal

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“Comprised of a collection of knowledgeable professionals from many varied backgrounds, we strive to foster a greater achievement in the project development world — more holistic & sustainable building uses, better means of connectivity between buildings and the public, and more thoughtful ways to combine work, play, entertainment, and education.”



Arial Views

Existing Elements (some with new uses):

A.  New Cable-stay suspension bridge (arches and cables not shown)
B.  New cross-river pedestrian walkway (connects to north shore river valley trail)

C.  Existing 105th Street through Rossdale to downtown Edmonton
D.  Existing Main Power Plant Building — new elements include:
     a. Fruit Winery, Craft Brewery, Cider Distillery and Meadery — pure products created from each independent endeavor will be mixed to create cross-pollinated concoctions — e.g. Pear Cider with Strawberry Wine; Mead with Banana Wine; Oatmeal Beer with Apple Cider.
  b.Bakery using spent fruits, grains, and produce from distilling and brewing processes to create edible products for both onsite consumption and offsite exportation
     c.  Display art reproduction and manufacturing elements including glass blowing foundry, pottery kilns, metal forming oasts, float glass art beds and forming pools
     d.  Glass-enclosed through-passages that connect various building elements with other venues (e.g. handcrafted art emporium with holographic theatre)
     e.  Craft Test Lab where new low-alcohol content drinks are produced (example links include,, distillery-lane-ciderworks/the-cider-2/)

E.  Existing Power Plant Adjacent Utility Building — elements include:
     a.  Test Kitchen — fully operable commercial test kitchen that can be rented out to restaurants (weekly TV shows featuring chefs and restaurants about Edmonton)
     b.  Hologram and video recording studio-enabled performance venue (morning — venue for pre-schoolers and elementary grades; afternoon — venue for junior/high schoolers; evening performance studio with bar for adults; capability for TV productions)
     c.  BrauHaus — a multi-room facility that picks up on the social aspects of the Austro-German Gasthaus; on the English, Irish and Scottish Pub; on the Indian Gastro-Pub; and the Western Saloon
F.Existing Entry Building — elements include:
     a.  Management Offices
     b.  Automated Cloak Room
     c.  Restrooms for all Power Building functions
     d.  Souvenir Shop
G.  Existing Small Pump House — elements include:
     a.Rental Shop for paddleboards, kayaks and canoes (summer); X-country skis, snowshoes, sleds (winter)
b.Trail restrooms
H.  North Shore Riverside Trail — elements include
a.  Subsurface Heating Elements below a mixed-media Artistic Path (heating elements respond to humidity sensors so that they engage when it rains or snows, sublimating moisture in the process; additional sensors measure windspeed so that the heaters also engage in high winds thereby sublimating drifting snow.   The outdoor paths adjacent to the Rossdale Power Plant build-out remain clear of rain, snow, and ice all year round.
     b.  Connectivity to existing Rossdale residential community and to new developments in Rossdale West; connectivity to new Walterdale Bridge pedestrian link and to Kinsmen Sports Complex and southside parks; connectivity to Provincial Government Centre
I.  North Saskatchewan River — the hope is to create a more accessible river where river craft are more common sights.
J.  Existing Large Pump House — elements include:
     a.  Water-craft Clubhouse — open membership to a clubhouse that includes a social gathering pub, restrooms, offices, view-patio decks; mill-shops for building hand-powered watercraft; launch facilities
     b.  Up-dated Pumps for enhanced water features in Rossdale