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sea salt or spicy sesame garlic

Shishito Peppers*

in a sesame ginger soy

Poblano Poppers*

tempura frito with spicy tuna filling 


6ps oysters on the half shell in a limón or ponzu 

Ostiónes Shooter*   

oyster, quail egg, picante ponzu, sake or tequila 

Aguachile de Camarón*

shrimp marinated in a lime chili sauce

Coctel de Camarónes*

A Mexican style shrimp cocktail 

Camarón El Borrachin*

sautéed shrimp prepared Cajun style 

Ceviche Del Mar* 

albacore, shrimp Mexsake style, tortilla chips 

Tempura Camarónes Frito 

 6pc shrimp, cilantro mayo