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What we Do!

What sets Design to the Nines apart from other Architectural Firms is that we believe a clients successful business is our success.  That’s why we Provide a full set of services for New & Existing businesses.  As well as providing design services, we often help with financing, business Proposal writing, and assistance in the Operational aspects of their business before and after opening if required.  


Loan Procurement


Business Assistance


Metal Art Furniture

Our Mission

Design to the Nines specializes in cutting edge technology.  Planning, Architecture and Landscape design combined with Graphics and Web design provide the focus for extra-normal solutions that enhance the livability of town and country, both while apotheosizing the natural world. 

Solutions such as the living bridge, the all-electric river taxi, automated parking garages, metal art furniture, maglev people- (and freight) movers, sustaining animal environments, roof and vertical gardens, water management infrastructure, power-generation framework, and futuristic entertainment concepts are applied in the broad fields of Commercial, Multi-use, Hospitality and Institutional Design.  


Some of Our Projects

Restaurant Design

Restaurant Design

We Design Custom Metal Art

We Design Custom Metal Art

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Website Designs

Our Work




Landscape Architecture

Landscape Architecture


A Little Bit About Us

Laura Powell

Laura Powell is the owner of Design to the Nines. She holds a degree in Landscape Architecture from UCLA and an Advanced Certificate in Web & Graphic Design from Sessions College for Professional Design. She has 20 years experience in the design and management of Restaurants and the hospitality business. Laura loves animals and nature. She designs Animal habitats and breeds small birds. She has combined all of her skills together to design Custom metal art Furniture. She also loves graphics and web design.

Ted Powell

Ted Powell, a Licensed California Architect, is husband and partner to Laura. His knowledge of Architecture, Planning & Engineering afford him the expertise to deal with City Infrastructure Planning and Design in the Permitting phase of projects. Ted is skilled in computer rendering software, enabling him to create intricate detailed 3d plans, as well as metal art furniture designs. Some of his other Specialties include: Commercial designs in Restaurants, Breweries & Markets. His ability to invent new technologies in Automated Parking Design, People/Freight-Mover Design, Water, Solar and Wind Turbine Energy Concepts give him the creative ability to test limitations. His other talents include music which gives him the ability to design Acoustical spaces – Sound Studios. He is also a writer and is the founder of Folio Fantasy an online site selling Serialized Web-Novels.

We Design Restaurants!


Let’s show off what people are saying about us and our awesome books!

We Design Landscapes!

Our Business Interests

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The Art Of Dreamin’

artodreaminlogo copy 2

The Art of Dreamin’ is a Custom Metal Art furniture design company.  We design Animal Environments (Aviaries, Cages, headboards, benches and you name it.  We custom design 3d computer models and cut them out of materials using a CNC machine or lazor.  

Out on a Limb Exotics


We breed small song birds and Hand-fed pet quality Pacific Parrotlets.  We also design Animal Environments for our feathered friends. 

Folio Fantasy



Folio Fantasy is an online members networking site for Authors and people who like to read books in a serialized Web-Novel fashion.

The Cedar WaxWing Group


The Cedar WaxWing Group is a professional services group dedicated to putting creative, articulate, functional design ahead of all other considerations in a new project development meme.”

Laura’s Portfolio Website


You can view my Personal Portfolio Website which includes Landscape Architecture, Web & Graphic Design. My resume is include too!




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